Call of Duty MW3

hi! im NeLo aka Predator! Branches for the cod army are soon to come and many more cool stuff. There will be a sniping branch, a quickscoping branch, an assault branch, and a artillery branch. now i will tell a bit about my self. i am dedicated to the clan and always willing to help. i am going to be running for co-leader of the clan soon and will hopefully win!! My xbox live gtag is Mrhamm117. i as born on june 17th, 1999. i am good friends with Flame, and shadowclaw in real life. (More of our friends in our group are still joining!!! ^^) i am hoping to be head of the quickscoping branch because im easily the best out of 5-8th grade at our school! i use the ll118a and MSR for quickscoping, and the type 95, M4A1, and ACR for assault. huge thanks to Flame/Zach for Making this site possible! If you want to join the clan contact Zach. via you could also contact him via xbox live but i dont know if he wants non members to know his gtag. thats up to him... if you want to join the sniping or quickscope branch, join the clan and contact me via or xbox live! More to come soon!!! bye!!! ^^